Radiator protector black for Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin

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The Touratech radiator protector shields the vulnerable lamellae of the radiator against damage and thus provides an enormous safety benefit!
The dread of flying stones, sticks or other debris will be no more. A small investment will make your trip a whole lot safer!

Optically unobtrusive yet in the unmistakeable Touratech-style, the radiator protector made of laser cut aluminium blends in with the Honda design perfectly.

Colour: black
Parts supplied: 2 parts (left and right)

Note: The radiator cover can cause the engine to overheat under extreme conditions with high outside temperatures and an extreme engine load.

Please watch your water temperature gauge.
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Výrobca Honda
Model CRF 1100 L Africa Twin
Materiál Hlíník
Výrobca Touratech
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