Ortema LUMBO-X Enduro lumbar belt

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The Lumbo-X was developed along sports orthopaedic lines.
As the Lumbo-X i s made of a breathable mesh material it wicks up to 80% more moisture than traditional materials. The integral stabilisation belts can be adjusted individually to provide an exact fit and good purchase in any situation.

The new ortho-tech protection system has been developed to dampen the impact of external forces and to protect the lumbar region.
The coil chain follows the forward movement of the body but prevents the spine overstretching. Thus you have maximum freedom of movement together with a high level of protection.

Back  height: 24 cm
Size: S - 83 cm
Size: M - 93 cm
Size: L - 103 cm
Size: XL - 113 cm
Size: XXL - 123 cm
Size: 3XL + 123 cm

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