Anti-theft guard front fairing for Harley-Davidson RA1250 Pan America

22,00 €
dodacia lehota: 1-10 dní

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

(with the advance payment from the day after the payment order by the customer, and for other methods of payment from the day after the contract)

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Safe and effective, yet small and light!

The large and expensive front fairing of the Harley-Davidson Pan America is only attached with four quick-release fasteners. On the one hand, this makes servicing easier, but on the other hand it also makes it easier to steal the completely unsecured fairing!

The Touratech anti-theft device for the front fairing prevents any unauthorised removal.

The two precisely shaped, lasered stainless steel brackets are quickly and easily mounted in front of the lower quick-release fasteners.

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