Crashbar "Bull Bar" for BMW R1250GS Adventure

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Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

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No matter what you intend to do with your GS, the Bull Bar is the perfect companion for adventures of all kinds.

Whether you want to mount, an additional light (fog lights, searchlights, etc.) or are looking for an exciting position for your ActionCam, the protective bar will not let you down.

The tube is positioned above the headlamp and still allows unrestricted use of our headlamp guards (e.g. 01-045-5095-0).

- Material: 25mm stainless steel, electro polished

- just as stable as Touratech crash bars and pannier racks
- multiple use
- With additional light, active and passive safety is increased while driving
- rounds off the adventure's off-road look

Note: Not suitable with the Desierto V (01-038-6300-0)
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Lieferzeit 3 - 4 týždne
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Výrobca BMW
Model R 1250 GS Adventure
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