DVD Iceland Globeriders

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A motor bike tour through Iceland
The adventurous trip through the land of volcanos and geysers

If the traveller comes to Iceland by ship, the majestic island rises out of the Atlantic ocean. To him, the old island formed by the elements appears like a heroic destiny. It is a journey to the unknown and mythical land of the men of the north. With this DVD, Helge Pedersen (10 Years on 2 Wheels) takes you to the land of fire and ice. If you come across the Atlantic Ocean, the journey begins with a perfect approach of the ship in a narrow fjord. The island greets the three adventurers with reflecting, deep, crystal clear waters.

An exciting and eventful journey lies ahead of them. They will meet the people and go on long, lonely rides through the vast, fascinating land.

Exciting and exhilarating rides through torrential rivers, breathtaking fjords and vast fields of lava 3,000 miles in 30 days. Against the backdrop of the Icelandic mountains, you will gaze at silent bays, hot springs and steaming geysers and watch the birds and whales that accompany the adventurers.

There is no doubt that the incredible tour through the land of fire and ice, one of the most famous landscapes in Europe, will also cast its spell over you. Experience this adventure and get to know a unique country in the middle of the north Atlantic. Have a look at our Iceland DVD.

The DVD is in English language.
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